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The Franciska Show

Jul 16, 2019

Avigail Gruzman is a London born artist as well as a mother and wife. She grew up in a large family, full of artistic and creative siblings and parents. Much of her childhood revolved around the arts. 
As well as doing GCSE and Alevels in art, Avigail studied graphic design in the LCC (London college of communications). In Israel she studied in Michlelet Emuna, a top rated art school for frum women. 
Once Avigail moved to Antwerp and settled down, she noticed a need in the community to teach and spread the love of art. And so Avigail’s Art Loft was born. Every week she teaches lots of art classes in the loft, as well as hosting paint parties. 
Avigail also loves to paint her own oil paintings, which are all for sale. And she also does custom commissions. 
Go see Avigail's works on Instagram and get in touch to find out more;
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