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The Franciska Show

Feb 18, 2019

   Batya Zachter (Age 22) grew up in Los Angeles, California and is the second to oldest of six children in her family. She went to Bais Yaakov Los Angeles and attended two years of seminary in Israel. Batya has been a Madricha for various dorms and camps during the past few years. She loves to enhance other’s experiences, and always strives to create a fun and comfortable atmosphere wherever she goes. It is in Batya’s nature to bring her ideas and imagination, and to make it a reality. She refers to it as “Making dreams come true.”

    Batya has been involved in many plays, Jewish movies, comedy skits, drama camps, and directed a performance one summer in a Kiruv camp as well.  She loves to express herself through being part of a performance, but as a director and event planner, she is now able to use her many talents to help others express themselves in a Frum way.  Batya also loves to lead events for teens. Whenever there is an opportunity to create a fun and meaningful program, she grabs it. She has organized and lead night camps, Tisha B’av programs, dance classes, and loves to create music videos for friends, families, schools, and bat mitzvas to help people bond in a creative way. As she is a Social Worker(LMSW) by profession, Batya has the ability to direct and plan her shows and events in a sensitive, calm, and organized manner, making sure everyone feels good during the process.

   Batya had the idea to create Girls’ Talent Tour in November 2018. From the moment she had this idea, there was nothing that could stop her from accomplishing this dream. Batya partnered up with Hatzolah of Staten Island for her debut in December 2018. Rivka and Moishe Weber, the heads of Hatzolah of Staten Island stated: “She was so passionate about her plan that her enthusiasm was truly contagious.”   Being that this was Batya’s first major event, she quickly realized the enormous details entailed in creating this “Dream Show.” A few of the many aspects included: selecting the talent and judges, booking the venue, staging, lighting, sound systems, ticket sales, advertisement, talent coaching and much more.  Continuing her full-time job as a Social Worker, Batya worked to create the show she imagined. The first Girls’ Talent Competition was such a success. The talent was truly incredible, and the show was amazing and entertaining. First, second, and third place winners were selected by three remarkable judges: Shaindel Antelis, Maayan Davis, and Devorah Schwartz. The feedback from the show was amazing! This lead various communities to reach out to Batya and ask her to go on tour and select new talent.

   Batya’s next show will IY’H be on February 24th in the Lafayette Theater near Monsey, Passaic, Teaneck, and Monroe. The proceeds from this show are to raise money for Toras Dovid Community Kollel, a Kollel for Baalei Teshuva. Batya is very excited about this show. The very talented composer and singer, Nechama Cohen, was added as a fourth guest judge for this upcoming show. The size of this theater is more than double the size of last show’s venue. The talent chosen for this show is something to really look forward to. You can purchase tickets by visiting the website or by calling Tzippy Simon at 201-983-3748. Batya is looking forward to continuing to create more events in the future.  Follow Batya on Instagram @dream_on_events and on Facebook.