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The Franciska Show

Jan 30, 2024

Listen to a conversation between Franciska and her sister Rachel Peleg where they discuss the evolution of the podcast, its various segments, and the impact of its episodes on listeners.

The conversation touches on the significance of discussing difficult topics within the community, such as surrogacy, parental expectations, and postpartum experiences. Listeners appreciated the authenticity and relatability of the podcast, finding comfort and insight in the shared stories.

Franciska discusses her motivation behind starting the "No More Silence" segment, aiming to provide a voice for survivors within the community. She highlights the importance of creating a safe space for guests to share their stories while acknowledging the limitations of her role as a podcast host.

The conversation also explores the process of selecting guests and topics for the podcast, with input from both the audience and Rachel's personal curiosity driving the content. The podcast aims to address topics that are often overlooked or misunderstood within the community, offering a platform for open dialogue and understanding.

Overall, the excerpt provides insight into the podcast's journey, its impact on listeners, and its commitment to exploring diverse and meaningful topics.


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