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The Franciska Show

Apr 26, 2022

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As much as we love the mysteriousness of our anonymous guests, it is really special to have someone who is brave enough and has the right circumstances and ability to talk about her story openly.

Not every struggle in marriage ends in divorce. This episode is an example of a personal story, a work in progress and a desire to work on the marriage.


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About Our Guest:

Dafna was born in Zurich, Switzerland and lived there until the age of 19, when she made Aliyah. In 2008 she moved to Melbourne, Australia where she met her Husband. 
After various corporate jobs, she went back to study and then founded her own Business in 2019, Inner Me Kids. Focusing on Mind and Body for Kids and Adults. Teaching Kids Yoga of all ages and coaching women to release stress, anxiety and overall everyday challenges and tension. 
Her dream is to help bring more awareness and techniques on how to unlock the mind and body connection with various tools and techniques. She continues to train and learn in various fields relating to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and loves how often/always Torah relates so closely to all these topics. 
She has recently released her first kids yoga product combining yoga, breathing and fun. You can check it out here
For various coaching and information please visit 
Dafna is married and has four children. She hopes to soon with her family, move to Israel and join their family and friends there and continue to grow her Business and help communities, families and individuals all over the world. 



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