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The Franciska Show

Oct 6, 2021

Enjoy this episode with Elan, a Publisher, Marketer, Foodie where we discuss the challenges of being in the kosher restaurant business, rabbis and what role does hashgacha play in this industry.
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Elan Kornblum, known as The Restaurant Guy, has been covering the kosher restaurant industry for almost 20 years having visited and eaten in over 1000 restaurants on several continents. Starting out with a very successful magazine, website and newsletter, he later expanded and created what is now the largest Jewish Facebook group in the world, called Great Kosher Restaurant Foodies with over 61,000 members, along with his 30,000 followers on Instagram. It maintains a respectfulness rarely seen on social media. Elan is a leading voice in the industry when it comes to kosher restaurants. He is often the middleman between owner and customer to help mediate and help resolve issues and questions. His marketing and consulting agency and has helped hundreds of restaurants and has revolutionized the way diners get their information. Many projects he’s worked on falls under his Foodie Forward initiatives including volunteers cooking for families in need.
Look for @GreatKosherRestaurants on IG