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The Franciska Show

Dec 10, 2019

 Inbar Tabib, an Israeli born (American raised) female Orthodox singer, is one of the leading professional singers today, performing in Israel and abroad in various women's events and conventions. Inbar sings in different styles and musical genres for example:religious upbeat & dance songs, quiet neshama songs, chasidish and mizrachit, along with her own original songs which she wrote, composed and produced. Aside from her native languages Hebrew & English, Inbar also sings in different languages like Yeminite, Morocan, Yidish, Persian, Bucharian and more.....
  With her beautiful, strong and affectionate voice she manages to touch and inspire women and teens of all types and sectors, an angelic voice which comes directly from her heart & soul straight to the hearts and souls of her astonished audience. Her important message to the Jewish women, (through her own journeys, and her amazing  life story), is to live a life of Torah, to achieve the closeness of Hashem through singing and dancing, through music - the universal language, serving Hashem with happiness, joy, faith, prayers and love, filling their hearts & minds with the beauty of our Jewish religion, heritage and traditions. Inbar has 3 beautifull albums released for women only and she is on her way to her 4th album. The single "Yahalom" (Diamond) was just released to the media and can be heard on You Tube. Inbar has been performing for 10 years but only this year she got the היתר from her Rabbi to release her music to the media with certain Halachic restrictions so now more women can enjoy hearing her amazing songs.
Inbar is not only an enthusiastic an energetic singer she is also a dancer and an actress making her a multi talented performer. In her unique and individual way she turns any women's event to a special and an unforgetable uplifting spiritual experience.

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