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The Franciska Show

Nov 22, 2017

There are many ways to describe Rebbetzen JUDITH GERZI, but unique, talented and charismatic just scratch the surface! With her velvety soulful voice, one that has been compared to some  of the great women performers in history (her newest name, the "jewish Adele"), her modest friendly personality wins the hearts of her audience. JUDITH GERZI is a very real performer. She writes, sings and speaks from the heart and captivates her audience from beginning, to end.

Judith Gerzi made Aliya from London, England in 2004 with her husband Rabbi Yehoshua Gerzi and their three year old daughter. Growing up religious, and extremely shy,  she never imagined she would become a soul singer with her self - taught style, somewhat unexpected for a Rebbetzin. Now a mother of five, Judith gains strength and support from her family and fans. She is also grateful for direction from the Biale Rebbe to embrace this gift from Hashem and move crowds through her incredible voice and lyrics.

 JUDITH GERZI has just  released her debut album, "Awakening" much to the excitement of her already sizeable army of fans. With the album expected to be a success and fame imminent, the exciting, angelic sound that she has made her own is certain to gain interest from across the Jewish female world.

 Judith is touring at home and around with her new show "Awakening". Tailoring her material to the audience (seminaries, groups coming to Israel, private functions or packed concerts). She takes you to every emotion. She starts you off with a buzz, leads you into glimpses of her own and others life experiences and brings tears to the crowds with her warm, velvety voice and powerful lyrics. Her finale features upbeat tracks that bring the audience together to experience real connection to one another.She is now very excited to be working on her next album which will also have Hebrew as well as English original songs.Lastly, she is Eternally grateful to all those who helped make this album a reality. The vocals were all done Within six hours, making it virtually a live performance.

 To buy the album click here. To contact, hire & book Judith click here.