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The Franciska Show

Jun 25, 2019

Kerry Bar Cohn is a chiropractor, wife and mother to four sons. She has been involved in Jewish creativity for years. 
She is known as Rebbetzin Tap, a Jewish children's performer, making 5 DVD and performing all over the world.  She started the popular FB group, "Kol Isha: For Jewish Women and Girls Only" where women sing and dance for each other. She also runs Kol Isha Radio, an online radio station of Jewish women's music. Recently she founded the Instagram account "Jewish Creative Women" which thousands now follow.
Kerry has a mission of "Choosing joy" and living a joyful life no matter what challenges your life has given you. She is honestly open about the challenges in her life so that everyone can learn that disappointments don't have to define you.
Radio Station:
Instagram @jewishcreativewomen