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The Franciska Show

Jun 18, 2024

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In this podcast episode, Franciska reflects on podcast burnout and future topics, including the desire to have conversations with listeners about influential books.

The featured guest, Chanie Delman, a licensed clinical social worker specializing in reproductive and maternal mental health, discusses the various stages and challenges women face throughout their life cycles. The conversation covers topics such as infertility, postpartum mood disorders, marriage adjustments, parenting, and supporting elderly parents.

The episode emphasizes the importance of self-care, empathy, communication, and seeking support in navigating these transitions, as well as the need for recalibration and finding balance amidst life's ongoing demands.

About Our Guest:

Chanie Delman is a reproductive and maternal mental health therapist. Chanie supports women experiencing infertility, infancy and miscarriage loss, postpartum mood disorders, motherhood and loss of all ages. Chanie maintains a private practice in Queens, the Five Towns and offers virtual sessions as well. Chanie can be reached at at and 917-755-9437.

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