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The Franciska Show

Mar 12, 2024


About The Episode:

In this episode Isaac Nadoff, an IDF reservist, shares his compelling story. Raised in Pittsburgh with a religious upbringing, Isaac details his decision to enlist in the Israeli army after a life-changing conversation with his brother. He recounts his experiences as a combat medic stationed on the Syrian border and later in Gaza, highlighting the challenges of combat, the psychological impact of war, and the importance of support organizations like Nevut for returning soldiers. Isaac also discusses the transition back to civilian life in Pittsburgh, the struggle with PTSD and therapy, and the nuanced relationship with faith post-service. The episode underlines the importance of community, support, and understanding the multifaceted experiences of soldiers returning from conflict zones.

About Our Guest:

Isaac is a former IDF Combat Medic, Pittsburgh Paramedic, and is now a current IDF Reservist who spent around 50 days in Gaza serving as a Combat Medic once more. He is currently back in the states working as a Paramedic before his next call up.

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