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The Franciska Show

Jan 23, 2024

Ever wondered about the intricate journey back to one's roots? Join us on The Franciska Show's latest episode as we unravel Darcie's captivating exploration of rediscovering Judaism amidst a backdrop of diverse religious experiences, hidden family heritage, and the changing landscapes of Jewish identity.


About Our Guest:

Darcie - whose from birth Hebrew name is Davida Giborah - is a music industry professional, singer, and songwriter. She grew up in West Hartford, Connecticut. She went to Berklee College of Music in Boston and lived there until she made Aliyah in 2015. She was always religious, just not in the way you will expect -- Darcie's story of how she became Observant, and how she discovered the truth about her Mizrachi heritage -- will blow your mind!



The lead singer Daniel Weiss is the student whose parents were killed from Be'eri. HIs father was killed there and his mother was kidnapped by Hamas and then killed in captivity. 

Et Ha’Meginah Hazot e Efshar l'Hafsikh


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