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The Franciska Show

Jul 4, 2018

Perl Wolfe is a musician, songwriter, producer, makeup artist, and fashion designer. She is best known as the lead singer and co-founder of Bulletproof Stockings, an all-girl Hasidic rock band from Crown Heights, Brooklyn. 
Born and raised in a Hasidic family in Chicago, IL, Perl showed an interest and aptitude for music early on. She began training in classical piano at the age of 5 and soon began performing in recitals and competitions. She sang in choirs throughout her childhood, but it wasn’t until a move to NYC, that she began writing and performing original music. 
After writing a number of songs in the spring of 2011, Wolfe set out to create an all-female band, hoping to build an empowering environment for women of all walks of life to come together through music. A few months into her search for musicians, Wolfe was introduced to drummer Dalia Shusterman, and Bulletproof Stockings was formed. 
Wolfe’s thoughtful, evocative lyrics, transportive melodies, and powerhouse vocal performances, quickly helped gain the first all-woman Hasidic rock band a following as well as media attention and acclaim. The first of its kind, Bulletproof Stockings was revolutionary, offering women a safe space that was entirely their own, in a rock music scene dominated by men.
Bulletproof Stockings grew a loyal fan base, produced an EP, “Down To The Top,” a full-length album, “Homeland Call Stomp,” and toured the country, performing in many legendary rock venues. In April 2016, after a whirlwind national tour, the group disbanded.
Perl is currently living in Chicago, where she is working on several music projects, including her first solo album. She recently wrote and performed music for the upcoming film, 93Queen, which premieres at the IFC Center in NYC on July 25th, and will air on PBS in September. While she has since opened up her live audience to include anyone and everyone, she still works to empower women, hiring many talented female musicians to perform on her upcoming album and tour. Look for Perl’s first solo album, due out Spring 2019.
Instagram: @perlmusic
Twitter: @perl_music