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The Franciska Show

May 28, 2024

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In this episode, Franciska speaks with Rabbi Abraham Shmidman who shares insights on being a community rabbi, addressing the challenges of community growth and unity, particularly in relation to neighboring Lakewood. He delves into various topics, including halachic issues, financial dilemmas, crises such as mental health emergencies and divorces, and the Shidduch (matchmaking) process. Rabbi Shmidman also shares his experiences helping families with LGBTQ+ members and discusses the importance of supporting Israeli soldiers amidst current conflicts. Throughout, he emphasizes the importance of knowing one’s limitations and working with appropriate professionals.
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00:00 Welcome & Personal Updates
01:09 Introducing Rabbi Abraham Schmidman
01:34 Rabbi Schmidman's Journey: From Manhattan to Balacan
03:33 Challenges of Being a Community Rabbi
04:22 Addressing the Needs of a Neighboring Community to Lakewood
07:07 Navigating Financial and Halachic Queries
14:05 Crisis Intervention and Community Support
20:09 Understanding the Role of a Rabbi in Sensitive Cases
24:06 Navigating Marital Disputes and Coercive Measures
26:03 Addressing Enablers and Community Accountability
27:11 The Rabbi's Role and Influence in Community Dynamics
32:59 Challenges in the Shidduch Process and Modern Dating
41:20 Navigating Family Dynamics with LGBTQ+ Members
45:21 Supporting Israel: Personal Stories and Community Efforts
48:54 Closing Thoughts and Encouragement for Engagement
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