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The Franciska Show

Jul 23, 2019

Ricka Razel born in Jerusalem in 1975, to an American Mom and Dutch Father. Raised in Jerusalem with 3 brothers (Yonatan Razel Aaron Razel and Yehuda Razel).
The house she grew up in was a musical household where the emphasis of education was through teaching music.
Since Ricka was a little girl she studied piano, flute, recorder, and music theory. Ricka went to the hight school Musical Academy where she studied voice and flute.
When they were 12, the Razel brothers formed a band where they preformed all over Israel, on TV and other Media. They also released an album of original songs- "Why Not Today".
They were working on the second album when Yonatan was drafted to the army. That's when the band broke up and everyone went on their own journey.
Ricka married  Yoni Van Leeuwen at the age of 19 and put the music aside to concentrate on raising kids for 20 years while working as a realtor to support her family at Uricka Properties .
With her mid-life crisis at age 40 and 8 kids, Ricka decided to go back to her real passion and love - writing music and preforming.
In March of 2019, Ricka came out with her first original album - "One day" with 13 songs that she wrote, which includes a touching duo between Ricka and her daughter Michal and one song that Yonatan Razel wrote.
Today Ricka preformes for woman all over the country.
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