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The Franciska Show

Mar 27, 2019

Rochel Lazar is the founder and editor in chief of Nashim Magazine, a new frum women’s magazine
dedicated to giving Jewish women the space to share their voices and their stories, and creating a community of support so no one ever has to feel alone in their struggles. She is also a full-time
homeschooling mother of four—three rowdy boys and a little princess. When she is not staring at a
computer screen, nursing a baby, or teaching a preschooler his letters, she can be found enjoying a
child-free dinner out with her husband, taking a “long” drive to the coffee shop or reading late into
the night. One day, she would love to travel the world, but for now, she is still figuring out the work-
life balance! You can visit Nashim Magazine at,

or contact Rochel at

Info about the support organizations that help with infertility: