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The Franciska Show

Nov 21, 2018

Simmi Brodie started painting since she was just four years old. "In the fifth grade my teacher was walking around the room and stopped at my desk and said out loud- "Simma is an artist!" and ever since then I understood that that was true."
Simmi was the co-art editor of her school yearbook and painted sets for a show at the age of 15 already in charge of full sets at the Maple Lake camp in Livinsgton manner.
She studied art in high school with over 15 hours a week in studio time and then went on to majoring in art at St. Thomas Aquinas with one semester left to graduate.
Simmi founded an interior design company BLS designs with her mother and sister. They designed commercial showrooms in Manhattan and then Simmi continued solo for thirty years.
Simmi belonged to the Artist Studio in Manhattan for 4 years, her art was featured in three exhibitions including the Gallery Madison 90.
Simmi always pursued her passion for art and studied at the Rockland center for the arts, painted with Carolyn Peterson and has learned from teaching her many students. 
Simmi sold a number of paintings over the years and has been featured as the cover art on Franciska's albums. She also paints & engraves stunning walking sticks that make her look like the most fashionable grandmother in town.
Simmi Brodie is currently looking for an agent to help sell her art.