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The Franciska Show

Mar 28, 2023

Throwback episode:

Taking Back Control with Sex Abuse Prevention Ed - with Dvora Entin, LCSW

Join us for an important and thought-provoking interview with a new author as he shares his personal story of child sexual abuse. With honesty and bravery, Avremi takes us through his journey of healing and empowerment.

Avremi's message of hope and resilience is sure to inspire and empower listeners. So tune in and join us for this important conversation.

About Our Guest:

Avremi Zippel serves as a Chabad Shliach in Salt Lake City, the same community in which he grew up. In 2019, Avremi came forward publicly as a survivor of a decade of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of a family caregiver. In the years since then, he has become a sought after lecturer and mentor to communities around the world. His memoir, Not What I Expected, will be released in May 2023.


Instagram: @utahrabbi 

Twitter: Avremi Zippel 

LinkedIn: Avremi Zippel


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