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The Franciska Show

Jan 2, 2019

Tobi Rubinstein is a fashion and marketing executive of 35 years with companies as fashion and marketing executive, Victoria Secret, JCPenny, Kmart and Disney. She has expanded currently to produce and market runway and lifestyle events for NYFW, specializing in Israel’s leading artists and designers.

She is also the founder of The House of Faith N Fashion, fusing culture, art, and fashion with Torah.  Tobi has been a guest expert for ABC, Geraldo Rivera, Huffington Post, Lifetime, NBC, Bravo, and Arise. She hosted her own radio and reality TV series.

Currently hosting JWOMEN on Facebook live each Wednesday night. Tobi is a mother, wife, renegade and in a relentless pursuit of self-improvement. " I am currently my most authentic self "


The House of Faith N Fashion