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The Franciska Show

Dec 28, 2020

Darcie (Davida Giborah) is a longtime music business consultant, publicist, vocalist, songwriter, and subject matter expert. She is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and founder of Ask Darcie and Intent Impact Marketing.

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Dec 25, 2020

Melissa Peshka is the founder of Essential Life Mastery Coaching & Healing. She is Certified as; a Life Mastery Coach, a Reiki Master/Teacher in Usui and Holy Fire, and an Angel Card Reader.

With over 35 years working as a Hairstylist, working with people is her passion. Not only making them beautiful on the outside...

Dec 21, 2020

Jessica Roda is an anthropologist and ethnomusicologist. She is currently an assistant professor of Jewish Civilization in the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.


Her research interests include religion, performing arts, gender, international cultural politics, and transnationalism. She earned...

Dec 6, 2020

Kaley Halperin, singer-songwriter, educator and community activist. Born in the USA, grew up near Jerusalem, Israel. Currently lives in Jaffa, Married and mother of three. Kaley has been connecting people for as long as she remembers.
She continues to do so through creating and teaching music and being involved...

Nov 30, 2020

This conversation around Post Tznius Stress Disorder is an attempt to raising  daughters with a healthier relationship toward tznius[MODESTY].
This title has been lent to us by
Rabbi Anthony Manning & Bracha Poliakoff who are working on a new book about tznius that hopes to add a lot to the conversation on this...