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The Franciska Show

May 28, 2021

This conversation is about the Israeli conflict, political correctness, technology, entrepreneurship and problems arising from the "ME TOO" movement.
When we go CONTROVERSIAL, we go all the way!

Hillel Fuld is a tech blogger/vlogger/podcaster, startup marketer, leading online influencer, and public speaker.



May 20, 2021

A panel with:

Talli Rosenbaum

Rabbi Scott Kahn

Rebbetzin Rifki Freundlich (& Yoetzet Halacha)

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May 16, 2021

It took a complete health crash that led Kristen Bowen to create Living the Good Life Naturally in 2002. Autoimmune issues and a series of failed surgeries left Kristen bedridden and depressed, with daily seizures. 

Through research and looking for outside the box solutions, she discovered that to regain her health she...

May 4, 2021

A little inspiration for you. 


Keep doing what you're doing!