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The Franciska Show

Feb 21, 2018

Aviva Rand started learning figure skating around five years ago with her daughter Ita, who was six and a half at the time.  Both of them became enthralled with the sport and embraced the athleticism, sportsmanship, grace and friendships that the sport offered them.  Ita was a regional competitor last year at the Juvenile level and hopes to start working on triple jumps this year.  Aviva is a United States Figure Skating silver medalist in moves and freestyle.  Aviva, realizing how much the sport could offer to young girls as a creative and physical outlet, spearheaded the Yeshiva Girls Learn to Skate Program at Aviator Sports, and to date, the program has taught figure skating to over six hundred girls from various different yeshivas.
Besides being a math teacher, Aviva is a mom of five delicious children, including twin baby girls and divides her time on the ice between her own training and coaching group classes and individual students.  
To join the skating program -