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The Franciska Show

Nov 1, 2020

Rachel Factor was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and educated at a prestigious college prep school, Punahou (same alma mater as former American President , Barak Obama). Much to her parents dismay, she skipped college and went into the world of the arts searching for truth and meaning. She found work in television shows, films, commercials and music videos in LA. She was hired for her first Broadway show when she was 21 culminating in a position as a Radio City Rockette, all while pursuing a passion for Classical theater on the side. She finally found the life she was searching for in Orthodox Judaism!! Boy, was that a surprise to everyone including herself!!

She now lives, teaches and performs from Jerusalem, Israel and has 5 beautiful children ages 10-18, B"H!! She founded the Jerusalem Center for Performing Arts to teach Ultra Orthodox Jewish girls and women dance, drama and music. Grounded from international appearances, she has just now launched a brand new Patreon page so students can study with her from anywhere in the world. And as a response to Covid-19, she has formulated a project called WeDance that will send a RFDance trained volunteer mentor to your home to teach your little ones, free of charge!! Just trying to spread the joy of dance and expression to help us through these challenging times.
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