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The Franciska Show

May 7, 2024

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Navigating Women's Health and Life Stages

This episode features Dr. Elissa Hellman, an OBGYN with 17 years of experience, including telemedicine practice for Jewish women. The discussion covers a comprehensive overview of women's health issues, focusing on gynecological concerns, the challenges and nuances of practicing Taharasan Mishpacha, and transitioning through various life stages from puberty to menopause. Dr. Hellman emphasizes the importance of education, awareness, and open conversation about women's health, addressing topics such as pregnancy, contraception, and the psychological aspects of dealing with pregnancy loss. 

About Our Guest:

Dr. Elissa Hellman is an experienced board-certified OBGYN. She received her medical degree from NYU School of Medicine and completed her residency at Northshore University Hospital in Long Island in OBGYN. Dr. Hellman was in clinical practice for over thirteen years in Milwaukee, WI and recently made Aliyah to Israel. She also runs a telemedicine gynecology practice focused on the needs of Jewish women who observe Taharas Hamishpacha. Throughout her career, she noticed a gap in women's health awareness and education. This developed into a special interest in patient education and being a resource for the Jewish community in relation to body awareness and women's preventative health, starting from a young age



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