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The Franciska Show

Oct 24, 2019

This is an episode from a series of collaborations that the four of us have been working over the last few months. Here is the link to Yael's episode where we talk about "money". This show is about "branding" and stay tuned for links to the other two episodes will be posted here as they go live.

A little bit about the podcasts:

Woman of Valor -Bari was a busy overachiever, but when she became ill, she no longer was able to accomplish like she used to. Join Bari as she becomes a WOV, a woman who pursues happiness and fulfillment in ways that she never did before in hopes of tapping into what a Woman of Valor really is. With the help of self love and self care, any woman can revive the Woman of Valor within. Visit

Jewish Latin Princess-  a weekly podcast with Yael Trusch, columnist, blogger and highly sought after speaker. Get your dose of inspiration from the world’s most-uniquely-talented Jewish women, and from Yael herself…

Boss Maidel - Chanie Ehrentreu is the owner and principal designer of Fine & Pink, a residential interior design company. This podcast is a way for women to share their stories and is intended to dispel the illusion of perfection and the inflated claims so often portrayed in the social media and to explore the unaffected truth of every woman’s narrative.

The Franciska Show - This show is hosted by Franciska (myself), a female Jewish Orthodox singer, producer, composer. I interview women in her industry hoping to learn and share about these fields, bringing awareness to the market that is still quite underdeveloped. I recently launched the "No More Silence"series of monthly specials interviewing survivors of abuse.