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The Franciska Show

Oct 24, 2023

In this episode we discuss important things to keep in mind when donating to causes and charities. How it's different during war time and what you can do to make the biggest impact.

1. Tell Congress: Support Emergency Help to Israel




President Biden has requested a massive emergency aid package for Israel. Congress must pass it as soon as possible.

ACTION NEEDED: Your voice is essential. Click here to email Congress, and then forward this email to others and urge them to join you in contacting your elected leaders by visiting

The disinformation campaign against Israel is in full swing, painting Israel as the aggressor and ignoring the facts. Yesterday, a New York Magazine writertook to X (formerly Twitter) to state that Israeli babies were "found headless," but not necessarily beheaded.

The Israeli government invited foreign press to watch a 45-minute video of unreleased and unedited footage from Hamas body cameras.Read one reporter’s recounting of the horrific things he saw, and watch this video detailing what was shown.

GETTING THE FACTS: Please download and share this AIPAC FAQ document about the war. You can also review our list of recommended people and organizations to follow on X and Instagram for updates, analysis, and information.

About Our Guest:

Mordechai (Michael) Milch is a father of 6. He is a husband of 1. He is a lover of Israel and Pittsburgh sports. He is also an accomplished mental health and substance abuse treatment owner and operator with years of expertise and success at all levels of execution pertaining to chemical dependency, mental and behavioral health, and addiction recovery. He is a creative solutions-oriented problem solver and skilled risk taker. As a manager, he believes in servant leadership and has tuned his skills to a balance of loving care and support with strong accountability to goals, while inspiring others through compassion and integrity.




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