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The Franciska Show

Mar 7, 2018

Nechama Cohen grew up in Lakewood, NJ. Ever since she was little, she felt like music was life. She was always singing.  She started to play piano when she was about 10 years old, after her Dad taught her “Mary Had A Little Lamb” on her grandmother’s piano. She started discovering the keys on her own as she learned to play by ear. A few years later, she picked up the guitar and was hooked. 
Nechama started writing songs at about 13 years old. Some years went by and she felt like she wanted to experience it with others, share and create but didn’t know how. Through a lot of thought, guidance and inspiration, it was a developing dream and a mission that she began bringing to life. Not everyone thought it was a good idea, but once she solidified her belief in this project, there was no stopping her. 
Nechama put out her debut album “Heartbeat” in August 2013. It is now listened to by thousands of women and girls, reaching all corners of the world. Nechama has flown to places like Canada, Mexico and Israel, performing her hit songs, becoming a female Jewish sensation. She has YouTube channel where she posts music videos, covers and lifestyle videos. She sings for Bat Mitzvahs, parties, events, organizations. She makes events in her town, giving others a space to connect and sing together. 
Her original music is an expression of her life, values, thoughts, creativity and the core of her faith and who she is. Nechama speaks (or sings) her truth and allows it to resonate with all who can feel it. She exemplifies authenticity in her work and in her life, leading her fans with genuine love and inspiration. Nechama has impacted the lives of so many, which is what she had set out to achieve. Her goal now and then is to reach people in a real way. She does this by connecting to their souls and depth and letting them know that they’re beautiful as they are, not alone in their struggles, and stronger than they think.
Snapchat: @nechamamusic