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The Franciska Show

Nov 5, 2019

Peshi Haas is an established artist residing in Lawrence, New York. Since graduating from SVA in 2005, Peshi went on to have two solo shows in New York City. Her first show was an evening of success at Synagogue for the Arts, titled "Urban Synagogues." The second show was held at the Edmund J. Safra Synagogue and was titled "Architecture: Past and Present." Peshi has also been included in group shows and private galleries worldwide, in cities such as Brooklyn, New York, New Jersey, Miami, and Jerusalem.

Peshi's subject matter consists of architecture from her travels around the globe. The composition that Peshi uses in her art is simple yet profound. Her color use is oft garish and her stroke is whimsical. She has been extremely influenced by Fauvism, German Expressionism, and Chagall’s city-scapes over her painting career. While drawing and painting are vital to Peshi's growth as an artist, traveling to countries strong in architecture or walking the historical streets of New York are very crucial to the work she produces. The artist will, more often than not, travel with her camera and photograph on-site. Many times while traveling, she will create charcoal drawings on-site as well. Whether in California, Vienna, Prague, Monte Carlo, Rome, Tel Aviv or Miami, Peshi is always searching for perspective on a new winding road or a unique yet classic edifice that would appear most alluring to any art viewer. The artist constantly searches for new architecture in hopes of exploring it and expressing it via the medium of charcoal, eventually painting on canvas. She has become well known for her archway paintings of various ancient cities as the motif is a most calming subject matter for her to draw and paint.

Peshi is an active member in various art groups and enjoys learning from other artists and historians. She remains in constant contact with her esteemed mentors who are well known artists of NYC and Europe.

As Peshi paints in her Long Island studio, she combines her passion for architecture and, very often, her interest in Jewish history to create works of art that call out to a diverse art forum.
Instagram: @PeshiHaasFineArts