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The Franciska Show

Dec 5, 2018

In its original Latin, curriculum vitae means ‘course of life’. Thus far the course of my life can be summised as such;

Rosa is an exceptional singer, a writer, and a skilled boxer. She has performed at fancy places around the world. And at not so fancy places around the world. The differentiating factor is not locality., despite the perceived ‘prestige’ of one place versus another. The only factor that makes one performance ‘worth’ more than another is how authentically, technically flawlessly and beautifully the voice has told a story., and the capacity of the audience to receive that story. As there are those who listen. And there are those who hear.

When all man-made infrastructures and industries are put to one side, a course of life is comprised of a series of deeds. And deeds are measured on a scale of ‘repair’. Do the actions executed by an individual yield repair; do they mend, uplift, unify, or do they further propagate shattering and destruction.

This is the only legitimate curriculum vitae., the only course of live worth recounting and recording. Her deeds, her words, and her voice are unabashedly aligned with this path of repair and truth. Exclusively. And in Faith.