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The Franciska Show

May 21, 2024

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In this episode, I chat with Faige Itzkowitz, a pelvic floor therapist from Brooklyn, New York, who discusses various women's health topics. Faige, an Orthodox Jew, shares her journey into pelvic floor therapy, motivated by a desire to help Jewish women in a still-developing field. She addresses issues such as pelvic floor health, incontinence, pregnancy, prolapse, constipation, and the impact of birth control on pelvic health.
Faige highlights the importance of proper education on women's health and the need for proactive measures to ensure long-term well-being. The conversation also covers birthing positions, postpartum recovery, and how pelvic floor therapy can alleviate many common yet under-discussed health issues. Faige emphasizes the necessity for better awareness and education among women and healthcare providers alike.
Faigie Itzkowitz, OTR/L is a pelvic health occupational therapist based in Brooklyn New York.

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