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The Franciska Show

Nov 22, 2017

Sarah Zier began her piano studies at the age of three. She added voice and ballet classes to the mix, and soon knew that she was to be a lifelong musician. Wanting to earn a degree and teach music as a career whilst staying within a frum environment, Sarah began her undergraduate studies in Israel at Levinsky Teachers College and the Ron Shulamit Conservatory, where she is currently finishing up a Bachelor of Education degree in music. As a pianist, Sarah has performed in various chamber ensembles and as a soloist in America and in Israel. As a vocalist, Sarah has performed in numerous stage productions and concerts, and as a soloist with numerous ensembles and orchestras, including Zmora, the professional chamber orchestra of the Ron Shulamit Conservatory. She currently enjoys teaching music and dance in several places throughout Israel, and performing in musical theatre productions, concerts, and other events for women only.

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