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The Franciska Show

Dec 24, 2019

Sheila Meyer is the executive director and founder of A Time for Dance. A performing arts studio for the Orthodox Jewish Community of Los Angeles is in its 16th year.  The foundation for her lifelong love for dance began at age 6. She studied under many of Atlanta’s finest dance professionals. She has studied tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, gymnastics and Israeli dance. After receiving a bachelors in psychology, Sheila took her childhood dream and made it a reality by starting her own dance studio in 2000 in Georgia. Moving to LA in2004 she made it her mission to start spreading her love of dance with the community in2004. In 2010 she founded a non for profit Yachad Ballet Ensemble, an opportunity to give back to the community while doing Jewish outreach through dance. Sheila performed in Yachad dances ballets “the spirit of shabbos” and “ the crown of creation”. Sheila takes pride in providing a professional setting for Orthodox Jewish girls to develop skills and perform without having to compromise their values. She enjoys working with her amazing staff and cherishes the relationships with her students and their families.


A Time for Dance opened its doors in 2004 with two locations. Setting out to provide professional quality instruction and strong technique classes in a warm and heimish environment. Countless girls and young women have had opportunity to train and perform in an environment that is sensitive to the needs of our community.
This year we added a new location in Long Beach. Currently, our studio has five studio locations in addition to onsite school locations around the city. We also offer private in home lessons to many families in LA. Our custom in studio or at home dance/gymnastics birthday parties are a big hit.  We also offer custom choreography for special events. Each summer, our classes have been an important part of many local camps. Our own Summer Arts Experience has provided space for students to advance their skills, giving them a creative outlet for expression. With a well planned enriching curriculum which includes fine arts, culinary arts and performing arts campers spend the summer developing strong skills while having a great time.We also have a  Summer Arts Intensive for teens. 
 In 2009, we established a non profit dance company “Yachad Dance Ensemble West as a vehicle for Jewish outreach through the arts. Our debut women’s performances have touched many and 100% of the proceeds were donated to local organizations.  A Time for Dance has generously given scholarships to families through Coach Art and Chai Lifeline. 
A Time for Dance is an integral part of the community and an important part of many young girls lives. Going into our 16th year we wanted to bring more ruach and unity within our dance community. Special holiday dance parties and events helped to bring spirituality into our program and unite or dancers from all parts of the community. 
Dance is a universal language and the togetherness that has been created within our community will last forever. It is our mission to bring people together through dance. We are looking forward to the next 16 years of serving our community!
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