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The Franciska Show

Nov 23, 2023

About Our Guest:


Rabbi Wasserman grew up in Passaic, NJ where his parents served as Rabbi and Rebbitzen of the Young Israel of Passaic. He spent high school through Bais Medrash and Semicha at Rabbi Berel Wein's yeshiva in Monsey, NY. He holds a BS in Biology, an MS in Community leadership, and a graduate certificate in Jewish Non-Profit management. Rabbi Wasserman served as a Rabbi in , NJ, Worcester , MA , and 27 years in Pittsburgh, PA. Among other projects in Pittsburgh, He founded the Gesher HaChaim Jewish Burial Society and sued the PA Funeral Board in federal court and guaranteed the right of religious and non-profit group to care for the dead with no involvement of commercial funeral directors or funeral homes in any part of the process. Rabbi Wasserman made Aliyah with his wife, Judi, in August of 2022 and presently lives in Ashdod.


Facebook: RDW Wasserman 

Instagram: @rdwwasserman


@rabbiwass on X


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