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The Franciska Show

Mar 1, 2021

No More Silence with Victoriia Miracle.

Speaker, Energetic Time Management Expert, and Online Marketing Strategist, She support women entrepreneurs to do the right things at the right time based on her natural and unique rhythms and flow.

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Feb 22, 2021

Aliyah Shaw is a Jewish Orthodox makeup artist residing in Philadelphia, with her husband and two daughters.

This episode is a conversation around practical tools to be more proactive in today's world.

Franciska and Aliyah address the specific challenges that Orthodox Jewish communities face when it comes to integrating...

Feb 15, 2021

Caro Daian is a singer songwriter and certified coach, recording artist signed by Sony Music, studied Jazz At City College of NY, did two albums of her own music in Spain. She also writes music for advertising and for Chazanim, enjoys inspiring through art, music and writing. Currently releasing her new songs and...

Feb 8, 2021

Rachel and Franciska have a casual conversation about their upcoming RAP collaboration music project "IF YOU WANNA BE" that is dropping just in time for Purim.
They talk about the lyrics, the day of the shoot and so much more.
Get a scoop on what it's like working with Franciska.....
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Jan 26, 2021

In honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, I interviewed both of my paternal grandparents Sol & Liesbet Goldschmidt as well as my grandmother's sister Judith Schwartz.

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