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The Franciska Show

Mar 26, 2024

Episode on Chochmat Nashim with Flatbush Girl:

This episode features an in-depth conversation with Keshet Starr, CEO of ORA (Organization for the Resolution of Agunot), exploring the complex issue of Jewish divorce refusal. Starr discusses the organization's multifaceted approach...

Mar 19, 2024

About this episode:
Throughout the conversation, Rav Scott Kahn discusses the challenging dynamics between Charedi and Dati Lumi communities in Israel, especially in light of military service disparities and societal contributions during times of conflict. He also touches upon the issue of religious and political...

Mar 12, 2024


About The Episode:

In this episode Isaac Nadoff, an IDF reservist, shares his compelling story. Raised in Pittsburgh with a religious upbringing, Isaac details his decision to enlist in the Israeli army after a life-changing conversation with his brother. He recounts his experiences as a combat medic stationed on the...

Mar 5, 2024

This episode conversation primarily revolves around the sensitive issue of suicide.
Menachem Hojda, a trained mental health professional, enlightens listeners on understanding and responding to signs of suicidal thoughts in individuals. He emphasizes the importance of open discussion about suicide to combat...