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The Franciska Show

Dec 26, 2023

About The Episode:

Ever wondered how an ancestry DNA test led a teacher and Baalat Teshuva from Toronto to discover a biological sister, unraveling a journey of identity, family, and unexpected blessings?

In this episode, Dr. Sherri Wise shares her captivating journey—from a non-religious upbringing and unexpected connections through DNA testing to the heartwarming discovery of her biological sister.

 Dive into a story that reflects the complexities of identity and family dynamics, offering insights into trust, newfound relationships, and the unexpected blessings life can unfold.

Gain a profound understanding of Dr. Wise's transformative journey from non-observance to Baalat Teshuva and the challenges it posed in her relationship with her adoptive parents.

Explore the heartwarming dynamics between Dr. Wise and her non-Jewish biological sister, as they navigate religious differences and embark on a journey of connection.

Delve into the Sherri's resilient response to the tragic loss of her son, finding solace in Torah and offering words of encouragement to bereaved parents facing their unique struggles.

Listen now to uncover the inspiring and heartfelt narrative of Dr. Sherri Wise as she shares her journey of faith, loss, and sisterhood. Gain valuable insights into identity, resilience, and unexpected blessings.


About Our Guest:

Sherri Wise is a frum mother and bubie. She has spent her professional life teaching English both in Bais Yaakov high schools and at the university level while pursuing her doctorate. She was awarded her PhD in 2017. Adopted in infancy by non-observant Jewish parents, Sherri grew up feeling a strong connection to Judaism, and she became a Balas Teshuvah in young adulthood. A year and a half ago, much to her surprise, Sherri discovered she had a biological sister. She is currently writing a book about the experience. "A Matter of Choice: A Story of Faith, Loss and Sisterhood."

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