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The Franciska Show

Oct 30, 2018

Leah Asher, an L.A. native, is a Baltimore based singer-songwriter born in 1996.  Her lyrically-driven pop songs are an honest account of her life, and she is often compared to Carly Simon and Taylor Swift in the pointed way she utilizes her music to call people out. Much of her emotional drive stems from her battle with lupus, and some of her most rousing tracks use romantic relationships metaphorically for the emotions she has encountered in her relationship with her body and illness. One of her trademark strengths is the way that crowds who are new to her music are singing along by the second chorus. Stylistically a catchy pop artist, her musical signature is the original way she writes about experiences people think they are facing in isolation, leaving her listeners feeling understood and empowered.


INSTAGRAM- @leahasherofficial