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The Franciska Show

Dec 19, 2023

About This Episode:

Are you intrigued by the delicate balance between feminism and tradition within the Charedi society in Israel? Discover the journey of Fainy Sukenik, a social activist, as she navigates the complexities in this eye-opening podcast episode.

Explore the evolving dynamics within the Charedi community in Israel as Fainy Sukenik, a passionate social activist, delves into her work in addressing issues like intimate partner violence and challenges faced by divorced women. Gain insights into the intersection of feminism and tradition, and discover the potential for positive change within a society rooted in deep cultural traditions.

Uncover the nuanced approach needed for positive change within the Charedi society, as discussed by Fainy Sukenik, balancing the desire for increased involvement with the need for respecting cultural values.

Learn about the initiatives and advocacy work aimed at supporting separated and divorced Charedi women, challenging stigmas, and fostering community understanding.

Gain insights into the collective impact initiatives addressing intimate partner violence, including preventive measures, education, and collaboration within the Charedi community.


About Our Guest:

Fainy Sukenik has worked to reverse stigma and isolation in highly conservative communities across Israel as the Founder of Baasher Telchi, an organization that support ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox women dealing with separation and divorce. She has been named one of the 40 under 40 most influential people in Israel. Today she is Partnership Manager in Collective Impact Initiative to prevent IVP in Israel. She between the activists who leads the "New Ultra Orthodox Community" in Israel.




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