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The Franciska Show

Aug 20, 2019

This special episode is here to bring clarity to a heavy and quite emotional topic for to us all.
A comprehensive overview of the issue both from the halachik and psychological perspectives with our dear guests and co-hosts of the "Intimate Judaism" podcast - Rabbi Scott Kahn and sex therapist Tali Rosenbaum. 
A little bit about our guests:
Talli Rosenbaum has decades of experience in the field of sexual health, and is a certified sex therapist and an individual and couple therapist. She is an internationally regarded expert in this field and has published and lectured extensively.  Talli serves as the academic advisor for Yahel: The Center for Jewish Intimacy, which trains community leaders in sexual guidance counseling. Her experience in sexual, marital, and individual therapy with clients across the religious spectrum gives her a unique perspective that makes her clients feel respected and at ease.
Rabbi Scott Kahn, the executive producer of and formerly the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Yesodei HaTorah, has educated and continues to inspire hundreds of students. Through his teaching, via the many podcasts that he has produced that deal with issues facing the Orthodox world, and from his extensive experience in teaching chatan classes to young men, Rabbi Kahn has become expert and adept at addressing the issues that young men and women face both as singles and as married couples.