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The Franciska Show

Feb 4, 2020

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Shaindel has been singing ever since she learnt how to talk, and started writing her own songs at ten years old. From when she was a young girl she dreamed about becoming a singer and releasing albums of her own. She decided to chase that dream, which has become a reality. It definitely wasn't an easy goal to attain and there were alot of roadblocks along the way, but Shaindel kept pushing to reach her dream.

Shaindel's musical journey really took off when she was in Israel for the year. She was so inspired by the beautiful lessons she learnt and by the holiness around her, that she just couldn't stop writing songs! Shaindel decided to pick up guitar during her year abroad, and that helped with songwriting as well. "Heart and Soul", Shaindel's first album, is mostly comprised of songs Shaindel wrote in Israel.

After releasing her first album "Heart and Soul", Shaindel went back to Israel for a second year and continued touring and writing music. She tried out for the "Wanna be a star competition" (for women) and made it into the final show! When she returned to the US, she worked on her second album "Change", followed by releasing music videos and her other albums "Live Today'' and "The Sun is Rising"! Shaindel has been touring all over the world, and she is so excited to continue on this journey.

 Shaindel's albums contain songs with a pop feel and meaningful messages. Shaindel's aim is to inspire women and girls everywhere to never feel alone and to feel good about themselves. With songs ranging from the pursuit of happiness, connecting to G-d, and getting through hard times, there is definitely something for everyone.  Shaindel's songs and stories will make you laugh, cry, and move you! Book Shaindel for a show today! 

Shaindel is available for shows at schools, shuls, Chabad Houses, camps, Bas Mitzvahs, women's events, and more!

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