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The Franciska Show

Aug 6, 2019

Tziona Achishena has been performing women for the past 18 years. She has produced 10 albums of original music, including her best selling “Miriam’s Drum”, several music videos. Tziona has performed throughout Israel, across North America, and even has traveled as far as Moscow to inspire Jewish women with her soul-stirring voice. Tziona was blessed with a startling 4 octave range, and a voice that goes straight to the heart. Her most recent performance was before a crowd of 500 at the Geula Gathering in Jerusalem. Tziona also works for the non-profit Music & Memory, providing personalized music to nursing home residents across Israel, where she is a single mother of three children. Her life’s passions are interwoven in the healing power of music.
Support for "Agunot" (chained women):